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WE CALL YOU DEATH. A poem by Peter Weisz

I have looked into your hollow eyes, I have felt you come and go.

In silence your work is done.

For you carry the pain of a million souls for no reward

And you are not the destroyer as people surmise.

You walk in the realms of the unknown

And silently you carry out your tasks.

Who would fear you? For you are an emissary of peace.

In good time you will bring relief to all as you have always done

And will continue to do so until the very end of time.

You carry the colours of a rainbow, yet nobody sees.

Let not people imagine that you are naught but darkness.

I know of you, but I will never know you.

Your embrace is warm and loving, your gift is that of light,

Not of the gloom that people fear.

For you are my one true friend and in you I put my trust,

And you will wait patiently for me until my soul is ready,

To carry me to a place of solace.

You will comfort me and reveal to me

All the hidden secrets which are denied to the living.

I am not afraid, nor do I cower in your shadow.

The melody of your voice is that of a lullaby,

For you offer a timeless and beautiful sleep to those who suffer.

Why then must we cringe at the very mention of your name?

You are love itself, yet we do not see.

You are shunned, demonised and doomed to walk your path alone.

Indeed, you are brave, for your work never ends,

Yet you do not protest your own fate.

You judge no-one and let no-one judge you,

For who is so mighty that they may take your place

And commit to an eternity of labour?

I am ready to meet you, I am prepared,

I will not struggle to defeat you, for it is not war that you seek.

The enigmatic silence of the great beyond, is always your destination.

Forever you will remain as a mystery in the reflections of the living,

But you will welcome us all home when the time arrives.

And then we will know.

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