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"Who are we? What is the mind, what is consciousness and what is reality? This book offers educated answers and explanations to all these questions and more. It motivates the reader to reconsider everything they think they know about themselves and the world today, examining the different models of creation and evolution, the essence of matter and of life itself, exploring all manner of scientific, spiritual, psychological and philosophical hypotheses.

It posits the notion that we are all connected to a universal mind, which preceded the presence of our,

and all universes, emanating from the pure potential that existed before time itself.

It advances a variety of erudite ideas concerning the unperceived mechanisms which have set this world in motion, whilst also querying the way we live from day to day and what we have come to accept as “normal” life.

Can it be, that this complex, living, breathing, sophisticated, opinionated, creative and conscious entity that we call human, is made up merely from a few invisible atoms of nothingness? We are not simply made from flesh and blood, we are beings of an infinity of dimensions, too vast to contemplate, but our brains and our senses are only able to perceive that which is rooted in matter, for that is the substance from which we believe we are made." 

We are indeed slaves to a gross illusion.​

SABC TV. Morning Live Interview. January 2019


“The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.

Pioneering physicist

Sir James Jeans





"A conclusion of the new physics confirms that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are directly involved with the creation of reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. An illusion".

RC Henry, professor of physics and astronomy.


“Reality is merely an illusion,

albeit a very persistent one”.


Although it contains many intellectual concepts, touching on various scientific and metaphysical theories, this is a thought provoking book that can be read by anyone of any adult age, bringing to light an array of esoteric concepts, offering many propositions as to how to be able to realize and utilize our full abilities as human beings, how to connect to our spiritual selves and how to attain a peaceful state of mind. It is much more than a self-help book. It encourages the reader to step back and take a deeper look inside themselves, to question their belief systems and their instincts and to understand how their ego-controlled decision making affects their lives. Peter explains and expands upon some of the teachings of the great mystics, spiritual leaders and philosophical masters of the ages, putting his own personal thoughts, notions and ideas into the mix, making for a captivating and fascinating read.

REVIEWS​ - The Universal Mind

“A brilliant, thought provoking book…a stellar example of how it is that we, as humans, can make a difference if we just stretch our minds a bit. The Universal Mind steps away from the pack, and offers a bit of a pause to ponder.”

(MARY ANN D’ALTO - Author's Review)

“Everyone has their own questions and Peter makes it feel comfortable to question and seek. His logical and searching approach makes me want to look outside this little box of "because it is always done that way" and to find a new way of looking at things.  This book is powerful and I feel very much enlightened just knowing that a modern-day philosopher says, let’s question with this universal mind. An excellent read that kept me re-evaluating why I believe as I do. Even more, he has me asking myself, do I actually believe what I think I do?”

(VICKI GOODWIN – Literary Review) 

“Peter really has something that is beyond a gift. Wisdom and power that could change this world. This book is quite extraordinary. Some very difficult questions of life and the illusion of reality are tackled with complete lucidity and learned understanding. It has opened my eyes to many things, including most importantly, how this universe and we as human beings came into existence and how we can reconnect to each other, because our minds are all connected, instead of living with the feeling of being separate. It offers explanations as to how we can essentially begin to create our own realities through deep intent. This book, for me, has shed a totally new light on many things. You have to read it to grasp it fully.” 

(THE WRITER - Review)

Like many philosophical texts, this book tries to answer questions behind not only the nature of the universe, but also the reasoning which drives the push and pull surrounding our actions. However, that is where the similarity with other texts ends. Instead of offering a nearly impossible to follow, multifaceted diatribe of how specific rules fit only for certain circumstances within a narrowed point of thought, this book offers a simplified all-compassing point of reasoning which can be applied to every circumstance. To understand that reasoning, one must read it, which is more than worth the cost. Believe me.

(Amazon customer review - HEATHER MAE HELMS

5 out of 5 stars. Truthful Viewing December 4, 2018)


“The Universal Mind, in my eye I foresee, is the first of a series of Weisz scriptures, or at least should be. The book helps the reader ask the right questions of self and surroundings… to realise honesty through contemplation and clear observance. Peter is musical, creative and filled with facts and with the intelligence to link this to a science, makes for a truly universal perspective - and so the wisdom to see our thoughts as the best medicine.”

(HUNTER PRAVAHA – Co-founder, Flowing Nomads Yoga and Meditation Centre)

Book Reviews

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“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without".

"All that we are, is the result of what we have thought".

Siddhartha Gautama -The “Buddha”

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