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Extract from THE UNIVERSAL MIND book. God/s

One does not need a god to have decent moral and ethical values

You have become awe-struck by the gods of your own creation and you immerse yourself in traditions of worship. You busy yourselves with ritual and custom and you douse each other in sweet smelling incense which is pleasant to your senses. You bow and bend your knee before ancient symbols, the meanings of which you do not understand. You break your flesh and empty your stomachs in reverence to these different gods, each with their own demands, but do your gods not tire of your tears and prayers when each of these begins only and always with the words “please” or “thank you”? By definition these are the only prayers, all other babblings in books and scriptures are nothing more than poetry, conjecture, inferences, assumptions or opinions. For what reason do you beg? Only to satisfy your own wants and desires. For what reason do you pay tribute? Only to alleviate your own fears. But you are the creators of fear. You are the creators of pain, havoc and distrust. You are the creators of anger and resentment. You are the creators of discomfort and destruction. By your will alone have you created evil, because you have bowed to the manipulation of others. You cannot admit to, much less bear the weight, of your own creation so you create more evil still and call it the work of the devil, which is also your creation, so that he may take the responsibility away from your over laden shoulders. And still this is not enough, so you create a plethora of names for fear and a veritable host of demons and you live in a world of delusion and illusion. The power of your guilt and shame is given to your mythical Beelzebubs and Satans to whom you then become slaves.

Slave no more, for truth and freedom await.

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