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How holy are you...really?

Oh holy people. Would you be willing to give your wife or father or best friend or teacher or daughter a single day to live within your skull and see your most secret thoughts and watch your vilest emotions and feel your animal soul at its truest level, hidden inaccessibly deep within the confines of the most secret chamber which is your very heart? Would you be so ready to reveal yourself to another, all of yourself, every deliberation and desire, completely and utterly vulnerable, raw and naked, mind body and soul? Everything inside which you have struggled a lifetime to conceal, those things which you have fought against revealing to the world for as long as the time since you were spewed into this existence in a foul and stinking mess of blood, bile and mucous. Would that this all be revealed to them, could they then agree with your over inflated and self-promoting view of yourself? Would they then call you saint?

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